December Kosher Connection LinkUp: Cookies for Chanukah: GF Chocolate Covered Cookies

The Inspiration: Chanukah, a Kosher Connection Linkup, and Eating More Mindfully

In our house, it is not Chanukah unless Mommy (that’s me!) makes cookies. I rarely bake, so when I do it is a treat my whole family enjoys.  In the past few months, I have started to eat healthier and I knew my normal cookie recipe wasn’t going to work on my new diet. I also wasn’t about to make cookies for my family and not get to have any. I follow the FODMAP diet ( and everything I use in a normal cookie recipe (margarine, white sugar, all-purpose flour) was all no good for me now. So here was my question: could I make a cookie my whole family would enjoy, even me?


The Innovation: Following the basic cookie ratio from  Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio, using Gluten Free 1:1 Flour, Turbinado Sugar, and Earth Balance to make the cookies, then covering them in chocolate.

Frankly, I wasn’t even certain if this recipe would come together at all. I followed the ratio for a basic cookie ( the 1-2-3: 1 part fat, 2 parts sugar, 3 parts flour) and the dough simply wouldn’t come together enough to hold a cookie shape. In the end, however, with a bit of tweaking I was able to make a delicious cookie following the ratio, but by adding an additional ingredient to help the flour bind together. The cookie is a dry, slightly crunchy cookie with a mild flavor that would pair well with anything. The chocolate on the outside takes it to another level. I used Equal Exchange Organic Free Trade Chocolate that had bits of roasted espresso beans inside, but feel free to substitute with your preference.

My Interpretation: Chocolate Covered Blood Orange Cookies





2 1/2 cups Gluten Free, 1:1  flour

2 sticks Earth Balance (slightly softened)

1 1/2 cups turbinado sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 tablespoon blood orange zest

4 extra large eggs

12 oz best quality chocolate, melted over a double boiler.

Yield: approx. 3 dzn cookies, depending on size

To prepare:

1) Pre heat oven to 350F. Cream the Earth Balance with the sugar using a paddle attachment on a stand mixer.  Combine til you cannot see the sugar inside the Earth Balance anymore, about 5 minutes.

2) Add all your ingredients except the eggs. Mix together on low speed for 5-7 minutes, scraping down about 3 times in between. When the Earth balance/sugar is combined completely with the flour and other ingredients, add the eggs.

3) Mix together til a thick batter forms, and eggs are completely mixed into the batter, another 2-3 more. Make sure to scrape the bowl down to ensure everything is mixed together.

4) Form small balls between your palms, then press them almost completely flat. Place them on a parchment lined sheet tray and bake for about 15 mins. The cookies are done when the entire top looks completely dry and develops small cracks. Cool completely.



5) Using an off-set spatula, dip each cookie quickly into the melted chocolate and place on parchment covered tray. Refrigerate to set the chocolate onto the cookie.


  1. These sound (and look) so awesome! Huge fan of orange desserts

  2. Those cookies look fabulous!

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