My week as a Foodie: KFB Conference, Kosherfeast & Kosherfest

This past week was one that kosher foodies dream of. Take the first ever Kosher Food Bloggers (KFB) conference, add the 2nd annual Kosherfeast, and mix in just about the largest food event of the year, and you have several hundred kosher foodies wandering around in a state of food-induced euphoria.

I’d better start at the begining, right? Monday November 12 was the first ever Kosher Food Bloggers Conference. Located at Millesime at the Carlton in Manhattan, hosted by the dream-team of Melinda Strauss (of Kitchen Tested)  and Shelley Serber (of The Kosher Home)  it was an event not to have missed. (See for information on the speakers, on the sponsors and stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter pages for additional details and future events)

All told, there were about 70 bloggers and brands at the event, and from what I could hear, people were already wanting to know when the next event was. Yes, it was that good.


1st Ever Kosher Food Bloggers Conference: I was so honored to be there for this amazing event!

The night, if it were possible, got even nicer by the invite-only dinner at Abigael’s. It was hosted by the duo known as the Sweet-Up (Esti Berkowitz of Prime Time Parenting and Abbey Wolin of Not Too Shabbey) and the pair of lovable ladies from Atlanta known as Kosher Eye. Despite the fact that the air conditioning was on the fritz, and I didn’t quite understand the story with the cow-bell, it was a night to remember. Good food, delicious wine, even better friends. The best part? Any profits made went to benefit Masbia! They operate a few soup kitchens in the Brooklyn/ Queens area, and really sprang into action during Hurricane Sandy by feeding 600 seniors at the Brooklyn Armoury for a few days. I got home sometime around 11pm completely exhausted and super happy (with 2 big old swag bags filled to the brim with the most amazing things!)


One of the delicious mains on offer at Kosherfeast12.

10.30am Tuesday found me dropped off at the front of Meadowlands Expo Center with an empty tote bag and a press pass – I was ready to explore Kosherfest! This year showcased a lot of new products designed for people with alternatives diets (gluten free, nut free, dairy free, etc) and the best part was the offerings were among some of the better I have ever tasted in their respective genres. I also tasted the closest thing available on the kosher market to bacon! Trust me, I will be writing more about Jack’s Gourmet Facon, as well as my all-time favorite products of Kosherfest in my next blog post. In fact, I will be sharing all the food-highlights from all these events in the next post..I want to give them their due, and they deserve it! I got home about 5pm and literally passed out.


My first ever press pass! I felt as if I truly arrived as a blogger and food writer.

Wednesday found me with a free day ( I was too exhausted to go back to Kosherfest) and I spoiled myself: I went on 13th Ave and did some shopping (non-food related, but necessary) The best part: I went out for sushi at Blue Dish Cafe ( first time trying it out) and was able to sit and enjoy a long conversation with my Tante while I ate ( I normally eat lunch at my desk and barely have a full 30 minutes to myself!) I also stopped in Oh Nuts, and treated myself to one of my all-time favorite but hard to find treats: genuine chocolate covered espresso beans.  As in, there is a real espresso bean inside, not espresso flavored caramel.

This week was a huge step in the journey for me. This time last year, I  was starting out on Twitter and blogging ( I started on Tumblr) and I didn’t go to Kosherfest- I didn’t think I was ready. Fast forward almost a year later, and I am in the thick of it. I had a ringside seat at the KFB Conference, an invite to an exclusive dinner after, and a press pass (an honest-to-goodness press pass!) to the biggest kosher food show. Pretty amazing, no?

Someone who I consider my social media mentor told me something really important about this time last year. He said ” You need enough success to keep you coming back for more. You gotta have that sweet taste, even if it’s just a little, just enough to keep you hooked and wanting to keep going forward.” So true, and this week was the proof of that for me.

Please say tuned for next week’s post – it will feature my all time favorites from these amazing events. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. Til next time, dear readers!



  1. Thanks for this roundup!!! You were/are the best Tweeter ever and we appreciate everything you did for the KFB Conference!

  2. It was a crazy week, but all in good fun. Thanks for posting.

  3. Alessandra (DinnerinVenice) says:

    Wow this was a great recap. Sounds like it was so fabulous and you have definitely come so so far!! 🙂

  4. nice recap, glad you enjoyed everything!

  5. Nice getting to see you a bunch Sarah!

  6. So happy for you, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your experience from such a first hand view as a blogger, and not just about the event themselves! Looking forward to hearing about all the fantastic products!

  7. The conference WAS great fun! I didn’t feel *worthy* enough to attend this year’s Kosherfest, but I will definitely make it my business to attend next year.

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