Manischewitz Gets a Gold Star

Special thanks to Courtney Manders of Bender Hammerling  for the products I sampled! All opinions are my own – I received product to sample, no financial compensation.

Several years ago, the only things I associated Manischewitz with the following: overly sweet kiddish wine, matzo, and jarred gefilte fish.

In the past few years the list came to include TamTams and Passover macaroons.

This past year, the list expanded to canned meat gravies and boxed broth.

Now, it seems that Manischewitz is determined to shatter the glass ceiling it found itself under, especially in the taste category.  And for this, they get a gold star.


Some of the newest products in the Manischewitz Gluten-Free/Passover line

Some of the newest products in the Manischewitz Gluten-Free/Passover line


I (and my family) recently sampled the following products: Magic Max’s Chocolate Chip Passover cereal, Gluten-Free Crackers, Almond Butter, and Guiltless Gourmet Cashew and Almond bars.

DH liked the cereal dry (” Hey, that’s not bad”- high praise from him indeed. DS7 loved it( “This is my favorite cereal – please don’t give any to the other kids. I want it all for me) DS3 liked the taste and the character on the box. (“I want the star cereal, Mommy)

DH and I both tried the Guiltless Gourmet nut bars. I liked the cashew one: my only thoughts were a) there should be more cranberries and b) something needs to added so it doesn’t break into pieces inside the wrapper, before I even opened it.  DH liked almond one – he thought the cashew one was a bit sweet. I disagreed – I thought the almond one was sweeter, and I felt that it needed something more to break up the nuts – raisins, perhaps.

Where DH and I agreed: the almond butter and Gluten-Free Crackers. Breakfast one morning was DH and I, leaning against the kitchen counter and eating the crackers straight from the box, dipped into the almond butter straight from the jar. We agreed we’d do that again – it was that good. Even plain, the Gluten-Free Crackers were very good. Not too heavy, a little taste of salt, and I could imagine eating them with a variety of toippings.

To conclude: Don’t underestimate Manischewitz. Go to to see their full product lines.



  1. Brave of you guys to eat kosher fro passover before passover, I always try to avoid that out of principle:)

    The cereal looks pretty interesting, hope they import it here this year.

  2. i don’t even eat passover cereal on passover! i wouldn’t imagine it’s good, but, i’ll take your word for it.

    • sarahklinkowitz says:

      I was pleasantly suprised – compared to previous years it is actually something that I could eat – before Passover! (Over Passover I use nothing processed, but for my kids I’d give it to them!)

  3. It is amazing how far gluten-free passover products have come!

  4. I have these same products sitting in my dining room waiting to be tested. My daughter got really excited when she saw the kids’ cereal. I am excited for the crackers. Looking forward!

  5. Thejewishhostess says:

    Wow! I wonder what new Passover products will come up next??!!

  6. I spent some time at the Manischewitz booth at Kosherfest and was pleasantly surprised by the new assortment. They are coming into the 21st century that’s for sure. Btw, we love good food and fine wine but for Passover we ALWAYS have a bottle of Manischewitz Concord, for old time’s sake. Passover wouldn’t be right without it.

  7. I can’t believe they have kosher for Passover cookie crisp, so cool.

  8. Love seeing new Passover products, you are so brave for starting a month early 🙂

  9. I am a total Manischewitz fan — I use their boxed broths in everything!

  10. I am also impressed with Manischewitz’s growing list of interesting new products (like their frozen macaroon dough). I especially loved their hazelnut spread at Kosherfest!

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