Kol Foods: A Series on Duck part 2

The ducks used in these recipes are from KOL Foods. (http://kolfoods.com/) I received no other compensation - all opinions are my own. The second part of this series focuses on duck bones. Many people simply throw them into the garbage, and that is … [Continue reading]

KFWE2014 : A review, and a message

Many thanks and special consideration to Monica Gonzalez and Dejha Carrington of Rockaway PR for graciously enabling me to attend both the trade and the evening events gratis. All opinions are my own and are uncensored. The Kosher Food and Wine … [Continue reading]

KOL Foods: A Series on Duck part 1

The ducks used in these recipes are from KOL Foods. (http://kolfoods.com/) I received no other compensation - all opinions are my own. Nearly a year ago, I was given my first chance to taste and review KOL Foods poultry. I wrote a series of posts … [Continue reading]

Death by Chocolate: A Duo of Chocolate Bark

Many, many thanks to all my lovely readers, who have been so patient with me as I have gone on this journey. All photo credit goes to Melinda Strauss of Kitchen Tested The Inspiration: The start of my artisanal chocolate business,  and a trip to a … [Continue reading]

Philadelphia Candy Show 2014

Many, many thanks to Shirley Cox, the Show Director, who gave me special permission to take photos. All photos taken with permission. All products are kosher, but for each individual item one should check the package/manufacturer to ensure it is to … [Continue reading]

Cranberry-Almond Bread Pudding

The Inspiration: A loaf of leftover challah from Shabbat, and a freezing cold day. I live in a co-op building, and one day this past week they shut off the heat for an entire day to repair the boiler. It was raining, cold, and altogether dreary. I … [Continue reading]

December Kosher Connection LinkUp: Fagiuoli all’Uccelletto with Beef and Mushrooms

This month's linkup topic is Comfort Food. Perfect for this time of year, I'd say, with the cold and wind. It's the time of year one fires up the stove top and makes dish after dish that simmer for hours to make a meal that warm the home and satisfy … [Continue reading]

The Simply Inspired Kitchen: Vegetable Stock

A lot of times I hear people say, "I followed the package/recipe/directions and my food still seems to taste bland. What can I do besides adding salt to give my food good flavor?" When I prepare savory dishes (the workhorses of my repertoire) and the … [Continue reading]

The Best Chanukah Present: Oreillettes

Chanukah came and went so fast this year! This past Sunday, I hosted my family for a dinner party at my home, and I got a chance to use a recipe that was given to me. I treasure this recipe - it is from a very lovely lady named Simone, and it is her … [Continue reading]

Best of Kosherfest 2013

I attended Kosherfest as a member of the press - I was not paid for my opinions. If you see a product listed and are unsure if the certification is to your standard of kashrut, please do not hesitate to contact your local rabbinic authority. I … [Continue reading]