Provencal Tomato Rice Soup with Red Snapper

The Inspiration:

Every week, at least once, I get an email from the lovely people at Usually when things are quiet at work, I take 10 minutes or so to look the email over. I take the chance to find recipes I want to try later, and recipes I mentally “kosher” (rework by swapping out non-kosher ingredients for kosher ones – I love the challenge!)  Then there are the recipes that get stuck in my head. Like this one. I told all my co-workers for the last month I was making this.

The Innovation: Add fish to the soup to make it a more complete meal.

I am a huge believer in complete meals. If it’s one-pot, even better, because you get all the goodness and flavor all in one place. Usually meals that are one-pot are rich in  vitamins and nutrients because they are cooked slowly. Because I was uncertain how to proceed with adding fish, I baked it separately and added it in the end. Next time, especially with a lovely, thick fillet of snapper, I will slice the fillet in pieces and add when I add the rice. If you stay with the recipe in these quantities, I believe a fillet of snapper is more than enough. I stayed true to the recipe (I always stay true to a recipe the first time, after that no promises!) except I couldn’t get dried fennel seed so I used fresh. I also doubled the amount of vegetables and added a extra 1/2 C of vegetable stock.

My Interpretation: It was a fantastic soup that my entire family (yes, everyone!) enjoyed. It was loaded with delicious vegetables, was very filling and had amazing flavor. The snapper added a rich heartiness to the soup that makes it suitable as a light main course (which was my intention) and the only difference I would make is that I would swap out the dried thyme for fresh.

A bright, vibrant soup that is filling enough to be a main course. Delicious piping hot, and suprisingly good at room temperature or even a bit cooler.

A bright, vibrant soup that is filling enough to be a main course. Delicious piping hot, and surprisingly good at room temperature or even a bit cooler.



  1. I just made this soup with tilapia and I am sooooo in love! I almost ate the entire pot of soup on my own. Seriously!

  2. This soup looks fantastic. I love that you added fish to eat to make it a complete meal.

  3. Sounds so healthy. I’ve never added fish to soup bc I’m supper sensitive to any trace of fishiness. I should try it one time, adding it to a small sample and see how it is

  4. Fish in soup … hmmmm interesting

  5. Looks delicious, beautiful and extremely filling!

  6. I also like one-dish dinners. Make fish soup/stew all the time and am happy to add this recipe to my file.

  7. Love red snapper, but never tried it in soup!

  8. we eat chicken in soup, why not fish!?

  9. I love fish in soup, this reminds me of my cod and corn chowder. I also like the new format you used in this post.

  10. I’m not the biggest fish person, but this actually looks amazing!

  11. Love new ways to cook fish, sounds great.

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