Lazy Leftovers Make Simple Suppers: Sprouted Beans and Rice

The inspiration: Leftover rice and a need for a quick, light yet filling supper.

After all the Yom Tovim ( Jewish Holidays) of Rosh Hashana and Succot. with all the cooking and planning that it entailed, I was exhausted. For a month straight, it was back to back weeks of holiday, with a  few days to shop, restock, and cook again in between. So the Sunday after Simchat Torah (the last holiday) when my family said they were hungry, I could not bring myself to make a large meal for them.  I also could not bring myself to order takeout. Each day when I had been too busy cooking/cleaning/shopping/preparing, DH and the kids had gleefully lived it up eating takeout – pizza and falafel, mostly.  Enough was enough. Time for a home cooked meal, too tired or not.

The innovation: Using frozen sprouted beans to cut down on my cooking time

I rummaged through the fridge to find something the DCs would not turn up their nose to, and thankfully there were not that many leftovers.  I found a half of a 9×13 disposable pan of leftover, plain basmati rice, and I grabbed a pack of frozen sprouted beans. They were mixture of garbanzo, kidney and navy beans. Couldn’t find stock, so water and white wine had to do for cooking with.  Too tired to mince herbs and garlic – so a bit of dried cilantro, salt and pepper came to the rescue. Not the fanciest or most thought out meal I ever planned, but it was good and filling, and at the end of the day, everyone was happy.

My interpretation: Sprouted Beans and Rice




8 oz raw basmati rice, cooked to package instructions and set aside, or 3 to 4 cups cooked rice

1 12oz package frozen sprouted bean blend

2 to 3 cups water or vegetable stock, plus a bit more (keep some on reserve as you may need to add during cooking)

3 oz dry white wine

Two generous pinches of dried cilantro (substitute with parsley but use a tiny bit more pepper to compensate)

Salt and pepper to taste.

To Prepare: 

Have the rice on reserve. Take a 6 Qt pot and add the water or vegetable stock and white wine. Bring to a boil and add the beans, covering tightly with a lid and cooking on at a low boil for at least 20 minutes. Check at least once to ensure there is enough liquid. When the beans are nearly finished – about 30 to 45 mins – drain almost all the liquid. Add the rice, a bit of salt, pepper, and the cilantro at this point, mix well and cook on medium to low until beans are done and rice is hot all the way through.





  1. This is not only quite funny – Oh, I feel your pain! – but do you know how often I cook like this, without even holiday overload to blame? I think it is a perfectly fine meal! Thanks for sharing the everyday trials and tribulations of life.

    • sarahklinkowitz says:

      Jamie thank you so much for the lovely comment! I wish I could cook like this more often, but I find I am at the mercy of my customers -aka my family – who love cheese or animal protein in their suppers!

  2. We are with you on not wanting to cook a heavy meal anymore. The holidays were sooo long. Nice twist on the traditional rice and beans.

  3. Perfect. Simple. Tasty. 🙂

  4. I seriously love this recipe! I have to go buy sprouted beans. Never used them in my cooking before.

  5. Looks fab!! Such a great idea

  6. i always make extra rice so i can have leftovers for meals like these!

  7. I love cooking simple, this is a great meal idea.

  8. Do you have any dishes you make with the leftovers in mind?

    • sarahklinkowitz says:

      Considering that 95% of the time I cannot seem to actually plan anything in terms of cooking, I would say the answer is no. I always keep certain staple ingredients (such as rice) on hand, but I rarely plan what I make, much less what I will do with the leftovers. The only real exception might be a High Holiday, only because of the sheer volume of cooking.

  9. Good and filling often beats fancy. Especially at my house. I am always amazed at how inspired you are and how creative. Bravo!

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