About Me

What inspires me to cook?  Everything.

Since I was 14 and started my culinary career at a tiny Italian restaurant near the train tracks of a small town in Pennsylvania until today, there has been something that has inspired me to cook almost every day. It is that inspiration that carried me through 3 years of cooking school, 6 years of working in restaurants, and many more culinary adventures. It is that inspiration that has seen me through good times and bad, through periods of illness where I was certain I would never be able to appreciate food again. I return to that inspiration, time and again, as I cook, and I want to show you that in every recipe I create.

Three years ago, I started my first food blog, Food, Words& Photos. As I found my way, my niche in this world, I realized that my work was so much more than showcasing my cooking talents in words and pictures. My work is Simply Inspired.  I am inspired to take recipes and innovate them to be what I need, yet still be true to the spirit of the original recipe and respectful of the ingredients and the process. So here I am, taking all the inspiration I receive from the world around me and bringing that into my kosher kitchen.


I’m Sarah Klinkowitz, owner and publisher of Simply Inspired Kitchen. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and 3 children, waiting impatiently for the next moment I can get back into the kitchen. You can also follow me and my inspired cooking here, as well as on Facebook  and Twitter.